Peace of mind that your home and family are protected

Time after time we are faced with new challenges in keeping our loved ones and our property safe. A Matter of Security considers during the planning process what is right for you and the family home.

Our solutions can be simple, not necessarily focused on flashy or state of the art gizmos, but protecting what matters.

Panic buttons, intruder alarms, and emergency lighting are some of the simple solutions we offer. You will have greater peace of mind that you are safe around the home and your property is protected when you are not around.

Protecting Your Home

We all hate the thought of burglars breaking into our homes.

A Matter of Security keeps up to speed with all the latest technology to deter the ever sophisticated burglar and liaise with local authorities to track changes in criminal activities. For us it is important to give the burglar no incentive to break in. We achieve this by creating layer after layer of challenges for the intruder to overcome. The more visual the deterrent, the less likely a break in or crime to occur.

Systems such as electric gates, CCTV, security lighting or an intruder alarm that sounds are some of the solutions available on the market.

These systems can be linked directly to the authorities giving you and your family peace of mind all the time. We have many years’ experience within this industry we look forward to solving your security problem.

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