Understanding Public Sector Security

Schools, Hospitals and government buildings are examples of buildings that criminals such as intruders, burglars and arsonists like to target. As well as their own staff, premises and equipment, many public sector organisations have a responsibility to protect groups of other people too. Students in schools, patients in hospitals and visitors to libraries are just 3 examples of this.

In these environments where large numbers of people pass through areas on a daily basis, protection and maintaining security measures can be challenging for those managing the building.

In helping a public sector organisation, we work closely with the dedicated individual or team who oversee its security and protection policies.

With over 15 years’ experience helping public sector organisations we have designed, installed and maintained many different security systems protecting people, property, data, equipment and stock from intruders and give immediate detection of fire.

We also come to specialise in solutions that protect single buildings, multi-building complexes and even departments across multiple locations. We have also worked across a variety of public sector and for non-profit sectors – including hospitals, schools, doctors’ surgeries, housing associations, care/residential homes and charities.

A Matter of Security Is Here to Help

We have helped public sector organisations over the years by protecting staff, property and stock from intruders and detection of fire.

We invest our time to survey the security and fire detection weak spots across your premises and find the right solution that will create the protection you want. We can also integrate the various components of your security measures into one manageable system and can even go further and integrate these with other systems in your buildings.

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