Thermal Imaging Cameras. One Way Out Of Lockdown?


When lockdown first eased, thermal imaging cameras were popping up in all sorts of public spaces to gauge the health of the public and identify possible infected people.

Now in a Third National lockdown, and with institutions and people looking more and more for a road map out of lockdown, could thermal imaging cameras be part of this solution?

Although they are not designed to be medical devices, many have argued the case for these cameras in our public lives in getting our lives back to some kind of normality.

The cameras can give an accurate measure of skin temperature and also identify people with elevated body temperature (EBT) through infrared technology. People detected with EBT could then be further tested with more virus-specific tests and told to isolate if need be, dramatically curtailing the spread of the virus in public areas if the person tests positive.

It is not a complete solution by any stretch of the imagination given the variables when dealing with Covid-19. But at least were are attempting to create solutions through ideas, technology, and the implementation of them both in unison. It’s this approach that will get us out of this situation. Someday. Somehow.

Lets keep working. Lets keep thinking. Lets keep innovating .

Keep safe.


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