Don’t Let The Shutters Go Down On The Hospitality Industry.


Is your town coming like a ghost town?

Have all the clubs been closed down?

I love that song but it’s all becoming a little too much of a reality at present. Hospitality has taken a right kicking this AND last year. According to LBC this morning 12,000 licensed venues closed their doors for good amid the successive Covid-19 lockdowns. That includes pubs, restaurants,and bars. More than one an hour close. That’s a frightening rate.

We ourselves have had to secure the buildings of a few permanently closed venues as of late in our local area VIA our patrol side of the business. 

It’s never nice to see a closed pub or restaurant. Think of the happiness  that these places played and continue to play host to in people’s memories of the good times.

Do people make places? or do places make people? It’s an age old question I still can’t answer. Some places just have a magical aura about them that captivate people and inspire people to keep coming back. 

I love the Jazz cafe in London, it’s my favourite venue. I couldn’t tell you the exact reason, it has an almost intangible quality that I can’t put into words. I’m like that with The Victoria Pub in Romford and Jono’s in Ilford too. It’s where I like to go.

I’d like to shout out a local hospitality business our family recently used, the RM5 lounge in Collier Row recently delivered my family a batch of cocktails via their delivery service. It was prompt, tasty, and it was just a nice change to have something turn up out of the ordinary. We admire their adaptation in the face of lockdown.

Is there any local hospitality business’ you’d like to shout out? Let us know!!


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