5 Not So Obvious But Curious Ways Of Keeping Your Property Safe.


We at A Matter Group are often called in to secure people’s properties after a break in.

It is a truly horrible time for a homeowner, where we as a company meet people at their most vulnerable.

Part of the mission here at A Matter Group is to help people get a good night’s sleep. Or in the case of a fresh burglary, to help people sleep well again. And we supply a variety of means of doing so.

Whilst its often a sensitive scenario visiting someone who has just been burgled, we are often educated ourselves in ways people attempt to keep them and their families safe aside from what we offer.

We thought we would share 5 not so obvious but curious ways of keeping your home safe we’ve learned from our customers.

1 Placing a  wooden plank in the bottom track of sliding doors and vertically in the sashes of sliding windows to help prevent the door or window being forced open.

2. Getting neighbours to park their second car in your driveway whilst you are away.

3. Getting a beware of the dog sign. (even if you don’t have one) The bigger and scarier the dog the better. (No beware of the pugs signs) haha

4 .Cutting down trees and plants close to your home which could be used for hiding places for burglars. Be especially wary of trees next to windows. Replace with smaller flowers or a cactus haha

5. Finally, this is more of a sentimental one. Make sure you have a  back up hard drive or a iCloud backup of all your  family photos in case of a laptop or PC being stolen. Often, that’s the worst thing that can be stolen. Especially if people  in the photos on the hard drive stolen are no longer with us.

We’d love to hear more.

Keep safe.



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