A MATTER GROUP & ENVIROSTATIC: Building A Covid-secure Future.


It’s much easier to say that you’re covid-secure than to actually be covid- secure.

We’re at a crucial stage now, the vaccine roll out is seeing us move closer back to normality than many of our neighbours.

We’ve heard of countless local businesses being closed down lately due to breaches in social distancing. It’s just plain reckless at this stage after all the effort that has gone into getting us where we are at.

No one wants to be locked down again over the summer. No one.

With many of our customers having to shield and isolate we’ve had to adapt in many ways over the pandemic. We’ve had to introduce a remote servicing option for our customers who need their alarm serviced but are not up to visitors due to shielding requirements.

Aside from the blatant PPE requirements that we adhere to as a given on site visits, we wanted to further our way of making our business more covid-secure and also make our customers feel more secure before, after, and during our site visits.

After careful researching we were pleased to be partnering with Envirostatic.

Let’s face it, even with the vaccine rollout and how well we have done with social distancing measures we are going to have to keep an eye on how we keep things sanitized for many years, as individuals and as a business.

With this in mind moving forward, Envirostatic provided us with the most practical and effective solution. 

Now our engineers carry with them:

Envirostatic TECCARE CONTROL Wipes.

Envirostatic  TECCARE CONTROL Spray.

Envirostatic TECCARE PROTECT Hand sanitizer.

All tools & surfaces are wiped down continually with TECCARE CONTROL wipes. If that is not viable we will use Envirostatic TECCARE CONTROL Spray.

Throughout the whole process, on arrival, during, and on departure we will regularly sanitise our hands using Envirostatic TECCARE PROTECT Hand sanitizer.

Envirostatic is:

  • Effective for 28 days and will kill coronavirus in 10 minutes.
  • Is non-toxic, non irritant, and non hazardous.
  • Destroys enveloped and non-enveloped viruses.
  • Kills > 99.999% bacteria.
  • For use in all environments,
  • Offers prolonged Antimicrobial protection too.

If you have staff out in the field and want to ensure your customers have that little bit more peace of mind when it comes to their safety please get in contact with Maggie Scoley of Envirostatic who will be happy to help on 07946 166 508 or email maggie@envirostatic.co.uk

We can’t tell you how much of a difference it makes to customers when we explain the prolonged sanitary effects of Envirotec. As one of our customers said ‘It feels cleaner in here now than before you came’

Keep safe.

Keep it clean.


Are you ready to feel secure?
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