Access Control: A Luddite’s Guide


I think it’s important to be simple when we can. As a new recruit at A MATTER GROUP I didn’t really know what access control was when I first started. I  was a bit of a luddite before I joined the group but I’m on the road to recovery now. Anyway, this is my guide to access control:

What is access control?

  • At its most rudimentary it is an electronic security system which eliminates the use of the physical key.
  • Access control is a way of controlling who enters a site and when they do so.
  • There are various types of visitors to sites, they could be employees or visitors. These people could access your site by foot or car, or they could be in a wheelchair.
  • Whilst naturally bolstering security, an access control system can also boost the efficiency of your site. Allowing seamless access to those authorised when they need to. An added benefit is that if people use an access card to access the location it can identify them via their access card so you know who is in the building at any time which is very beneficial if there is an incident.

BUT what about keys? I’m old skool.

  • Keys can be lost. Which often means that locks have to be replaced. With Access control you can disable a lost card or fob so it cannot be used with the access control system thus denying access to whoever found it and thought they might try their luck accessing your site.
  • You cannot see when someone has used a physical key, so you cannot know who has entered your site or when they did.
  • One key card can be programmed to open multiple doors. No longer the need for a big bunch of keys.
  • As/if your site gets bigger, people will need access to multiple areas probably at the same time. A set of keys just isn’t efficient enough and even if you have multiple sets of keys you run the risk of them being lost.

Access control will help control:

  • WHO has access
  • WHICH doors they have access to.
  • WHAT time they have access.
  • AND under what conditions they have access.

Whilst being more efficient it is inherently more secure.

What if i don’t wanna use a key card?

There are alternatives:

  •  You could use a PIN or password
  • Or you could opt for biometric identifiers like fingerprint or iris recognition.

If the site has particularly valuable assets or information you could use a mixture of access control.

We are in London today installing access control  solutions at one of our commercial clients. If you need any advice or a free survey please use the form below.

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