Adapting Domestic Security Solutions During Covid-19 (Remote Servicing)


Covid-19 has lead to a disruption of both our daily lives and also how we as a business conduct ourselves in this ever-changing global pandemic.

Being a community based security company, our local community and the people that make it are our core concern. With people clutching their families even closer to their hearts as this third lockdown takes its toll, home has become an even more cherished space, meaning domestic security has never been a more pressing concern for people.

With  successive lockdowns demanding adaptation from businesses to provide a continued service nowhere is this more crucial than in the security industry. 

A key part of keeping our customers safe but also to ensure continuity with existing home insurance cover is keeping an intruder alarm serviced. A serviced alarm is more reliable, less susceptible to faults and also more cost effective long-term as it will be less susceptible to more costly faults and breakdown repairs. 

With this in mind, and with current social distancing measures in place, we have had many of our   customers wishing to maintain social distancing measures whilst their domestic security system is due for  a service. 

Many of our customers contacted us with concerns as to how we could help service their alarm whilst they were not able to have visitors at their property. 

We found a solution with our remote service option. A remote service  allows us at A Matter Group to service an alarm system from our headquarters via a phone call with one our engineers to our customers  without any need for a home visit.

It is a quicker and easier solution in these challenging circumstances which is both safer for our engineers and our customers whilst allowing an alarm service to take place. 

Any physical service requirements will be completed once lockdown has been lifted. Often this will simply be replacing batteries in motion detectors.

Allowing us to complete a remote service creates a safe means for home owners to comply with home insurance requirements whilst providing peace of mind for home owners that their alarm  is fully operational in these uncertain times.



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