An Introduction To Keyholding.


Keyholding is a service we feel needs an explanation.

Keyholding is basically a service where we at A MATTER GROUP hold keys to your property or premises, making us the direct first responders to an incident or alarm trigger if we need to be 365 days of the year.

Having a keyholder also means you are covered when you are away from your property/premises  for longer periods. Maybe you are an entrepreneur  going on holiday?  Or a business owner who has been forced to shut his/her business during the Covid-19 pandemic?

Having a direct first response by trained, licensed, experienced staff who know what to do and how to do it dramatically cuts the risk factor for homeowners/employees who would otherwise be expected to respond to an alarm or incident.

Nobody wants to be walking into a possible  hostile situation blind, alone, or without training. The potential legal implications of this is by itself scary.

We are a local company with community at our core. We employ locally fully trained, licensed  staff and a call to the office is a direct call to us who can immediately respond. No calls to a national call centre which can be a bureaucratic nightmare costing valuable minutes when they can’t be wasted.


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