Biometric Access
Prevent unauthorised access to your premises with the latest biometric technology

Biometric Access Control

Identification using biometric characteristics is preferred over traditional passwords and PIN-based methods for various reasons, example, the person to be identified is required to be physically present at the time of identification, prevents ‘buddy punching’ which is a common term used to describe unauthorised persons using a valid card or fob to gain access into a restricted area.

Identification based on biometric fingerprint scanning removes the need to remember a password or carry a token which also eliminates theft of cards or fobs and therefore constant replacements.

Biometric options are also more cost-effective as individuals can be easily removed from the system at no extra cost. Whereas in card-based systems the organisation will have to issue a new card to all newcomers.


Fingerprint Recognition

Everyone has a unique, unchanging fingerprint. A fingerprint is made of a series of ridges and furrows on the surface of the finger and these are used to determine the uniqueness of the fingerprint.

Once scanned on the fingerprint sensor, the image of these patterns is converted into a code through a mathematical sequence called an algorithm which effectively becomes a digital form of you.

This is stored on a database for comparison which grants authentication and access through the secured door.

Why Fingerprints

Using fingerprints for identification and recognition is the oldest use of biometrics. Nowadays, even laptops and USB pen drives can be found with fingerprint readers. But, there are many reasons why the use of fingerprints is the most common form of biometric security.

Firstly, fingerprinting will remain a reliable form of security even as you age. Iris and facial recognition in particular cannot overcome feature changes, whereas through using an ievo® biometric fingerprint reader, the fingerprint will stand the test of time.

Also, you will not need to change anything about the appearance of your fingerprints. If you wear glasses or have hair obstructing certain points of the face for example you will need to remove the glasses or pull back your hair each time you present your face for scanning.


IEVO Preferred installer

At A Matter of Security, we pride ourselves on being a preferred installer for ievo systems. ievo have a range of products which are considered to be at the sharp end of biometric deployment and integration.

Ievo Biometric products have been proven time and time again to overcome all of the security issues with card and fob systems.

The ievo Reader line of products has been designed to seamlessly integrate into existing card and fob systems by utilising the original manufacturers’ controllers.

ievo provides A Matter of Security the opportunity to offer a reliable and superior biometric product to all of our new and existing clients. ievo uses multispectral imaging combined with a superior award winning algorithm offering a system that will work in very harsh environments even with problem fingerprints.



When installing an Access Control System it is important you choose the right type of device to ensure easy access.

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