Do Burglars Break-in Twice?


As a small family run business based in the heart of Brentwood Essex, on average receive 5 to 10 new domestic security enquiries each day.  Crime is on the up in Essex!

We support the local community in many ways and provide a full range of services.  Anything from a small home alarm, a cctv system or an electric gate.

Many find us online or facebook but the sad story is when customers call us who have been a victim of crime.  All to often we hear the same stories;

” We were thinking of upgrading the alarm, it hasn’t worked for years ” or ” We should have had the gates fixed when the car next door was stolen.”

So how old is your security system? When was the last time you had an alarm service?

Upgrading a security system is relativly inexpensive and costs far less than the cost to replace the prized possessions that a burglar takes or when the car gets stolen off the driveway…

If you’re the person who thinks ” It won’t happen to me” or ” I’m insured “…. Ask the customers I have seen already this week who it has happened too and they now don’t have a car for a few weeks because their waiting for insurance to pay out, not to mention the fact that they came into the house for the key’s in the night and the customers in the middle of changing all the locks on the house because guess what? Mr burglar now has the keys for the house also.

Maybe you don’t even have a security system which is more worrying?

So what do burglars look for?

Simply…… Do you have a security system? Yes or No

If Yes, How old is the alarm?

I can tell if a security system is maintained because I have experience and so do burglars.  I could tell you the likelihood that it is connected to the police or an alarm response service such as 

So Do Burglars Strike Twice?

Unfortunately, after one “successful” burglary, intruders are likely to come back and target the same home again. Some studies show that only 1.2% of burgled residences experienced 29% of all burglaries. Repeat burglaries also often occur quickly after the first one—25% within one week and 51% within one month.

Often people put it down to bad luck when they get burgled, a one off event. This is an egregious error. Your house was targeted once for a specific reason and will more than likely be targeted again if you do not fix the problem. Just because you’ve been burgled once, don’t think it won’t happen again.

Why Do Burglars Return to the Scene of the Crime?

To put it bluntly, once a burglar knows you’re an easy target they’ll repeatedly come back or tell their friends until you remedy the situation. Burglars thrive on opportunity and once they feel comfortable after the first time they’ll more than likely return. Unless they’ve left some evidence or dropped their phone at the scene they’re coming back for one thing and one thing only.

What Next?

Think for a second…

  • Are you covered?
  • Do you feel safe in your home?
  • Do you have a security system?
  • How old is your security system?

If you wish for me to visit you for a FREE security survey then please contact me by email or call 01708572248  and my lovely admin team will book me in to see you.


Hope you enjoyed todays Blog

Jamie Reynolds

CEO A Matter Group

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