Case Study: Hikvision Cube Camera and Dementia.



When I told my friends I was going to work for a security company they were perplexed. I’ve always worked in  customer-facing roles, operations management  and in my spare time I make films about social projects which are really close to my heart in and around London. So why security?

Well, I think it’s good to have a change of scenery and I think security is going to become more and more intrinsic in our lives as we get back to normality, no more so than in the home. 

I didn’t expect to experience such a profound and moving story working such a short time for A MATTER GROUP but dementia has played a role in my life like many people’s and this is what the story involves.

One of our customers has a very busy business which he has to devote much of his time to. He isn’t in a position to retire, and isn’t financially able to give up work and become a full time carer for his wife who has the early stages of dementia. 

Anytime is a hard time to be dealing with dementia, but the early stages are often the most unsettling as it’s the first contact with the disease. It’s all very new. There is denial. There are arguments. There is doubt.

People never want to put their loved ones into care homes. Dementia patients rarely are put into homes too early. I know that through my own experience. Love knows no bounds, no matter what it does to us.

Our customer is a long time customer. He already has a CCTV and alarm system with us which is set up as a notification system. He has a particular door sensor setup also which notifies him via his phone application that a door has been opened. He gets a notification straight to his phone without an alarm being triggered. This has helped our customer manage the situation with his wife’s dementia somewhat as he has been able to monitor if his wife or anyone else is entering or leaving the house.

As the situation has deteriorated somewhat further recently, our customer reached out to us to see how else we could further assist the situation. Jamie our director recommended after a survey that a Hikvision cube camera be set up in the living room which would be able to facilitate two way audio between our customer and his wife via the cube camera.

A day after the survey we installed the cube camera and we have already received positive news from our customer.

The cube camera working alongside our customer’s existing cctv and alarm system has allowed our customer a more fluid means of communicating with his wife throughout the day. Now, even when a visitor comes to the door our customer can see who it is through his cctv via his app and inform his wife via the cube camera who it is and whether she needs to bother answering the door or not.

It’s made things more manageable for now. And we are on hand to assist further if needs be.

It was this story and situation which made me realize how people centered the security industry can be if you’re working with the right people and company. I think the security industry has a bit of a stigma attached to it. People think it’s a cold industry hence my friends’ surprise at me going to work in the industry.

I think stories like the one above can make the industry more human which is the reason why  I do these blogs. We bond through stories as we share our experiences.

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