CCTV – Learn The Jargon


When researching the best CCTV solutions, you will probably come across some CCTV terms, such as PTZ, PIR, DVR, NVR, and IP.
Here, we look at the CCTV jargon and what it means when looking to invest in a CCTV system.
Cat 5/6 Cable – This is often related to voice and data applications. A Cat 5/6 cable can transmit information at 100+ Mbps.
DOF – Depth of field is the range the lens can focus, and it measures as the combined distance in front and behind an item when it is in focus.
DVR – Digital Video Recorder. The device receives a signal from analogue cameras. It converts, compresses, and files the information digitally. DVRs can have internet connections and therefore be remotely accessed. DVR has replaced the security VCR.
IP – This stands for internet protocol. In CCTV terms, it refers to the camera converting recorded footage into data form. It then uses an IP network to transmit the data as a digital stream. This provides flexibility.
NVR – This stands for network video recorder. This is connected to a network in which IP cameras transmit their digital recordings. The NVR stores the video data that it receives using digital media. This could be in the form of a hard drive. The NVR provides remote access for alarm triggers and live video, as well as other features.
Hybrid CCTV – These systems combine IP and analogue video. Hybrid CCTV is a fantastic way of upgrading your CCTV IP without needing to replace everything. All recordings go to the same NVR.
PIR – This stands for passive infrared. A PIR sensor detects motion electronically. It measures the infrared light from the items in its field of view.
PTZ – Pan Tilt Zoom Camera. This is a camera that can be remotely controlled. It can pan, tilt, and zoom, as the name implies. The term PTZ camera refers to its ability to pan, tilt, and zoom, allowing the camera to be controlled remotely. This is a type of IP camera.
VMD – This stands for video motion detection. This function enables the security systems to acknowledge movement. It will then record in response to this movement. This is a type of IP camera.

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