CCTV does so much more than protecting your home!


Back in the day people would install a CCTV system to protect their homes from burglars. As we’ve changed how we live, especially lately, and with CCTV systems improving all the time, CCTV systems have seen their utility adapt into other purposes.

Keeping an eye on the family.

Remote access via apps to security cameras allows homeowners to view their property at anytime and anywhere. This allows you to keep an eye on your loved ones when you’re not at home. You could check that your elderly relative is all ok, or that the kids have got in from playing down the park.


Stopping them Amazon parcels going missing.

It’s a common occurrence these days. That amazon package that was in the porch just vanishes. Having CCTV at the main entrance to your property will be a massive deterrent to thathappening in the future. And if the thieves are brazen enough to steal your package, you have evidence of that happening which you can show to the police. On top of that,  you can also see what time your package came and if it was handled correctly by the courier.


Keeping an eye on them tradesmen.

Most tradesmen are decent, tidy, and not prone to accidents. Some aren’t. It’s always a slight concern leaving any stranger in your house. Things could go missing, property could be damaged, and tradesmen could take too long on jobs to charge more money. Having  CCTV to monitor tradesmen ensures everything goes smoothly.


Protecting  Against Hazards.

House fires can be  easily started by a faulty  plug or flooding can occur due to a corroded pipe. A CCTV system will allow homeowners to keep watch over their homes when they’re not about and also catch early signs of  a potential property disaster.


Monitoring other Properties.

Some people own multiple properties. Remote access allows you to be in 2 places at once or more. This allows for property owners to monitor all their properties from their home. Incredible eh?

If anyone has any questions as to how CCTV can help you, please get in touch.

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