Construction Site Security. The Challenges


The construction industry loses roughly £800 million pounds a year through theft and vandalism.

Whilst financial loss and damage is detrimental enough, often this can hold up projects and can affect completion dates whilst also increasing costs.

Why are  construction sites so badly affected? Quite simply, they are an easy target.

Often they are gigantic, exposed, open areas with very little sign of life about when closed, making them easy to steal from. What is stolen from sites also cannot be traced. Raw materials don’t have tracking numbers.

It’s a  construction company’s nightmare, an insurer’s worst type of situation, and has a hugely damaging effect on a project’s completion date and schedule.

So, what considerations should be made with regards to your sites security?

Are the site’s access points vulnerable? Are there expensive materials in plain sight overnight? Is the site visible from roads? What is the crime-rate like in the area? Is there a business continuity plan in place if the site is breached?

How can we help?

There isn’t one a one size fits all solution. But mobile patrols and static guarding is probably the most common solution.

You could also consider intruder alarm systems and 24/7 motion sensored CCTV monitoring to compliment your patrols or static guards. 

The whole service can be integrated and work in synergy with our guards and patrols and your business via phone apps

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