Is your employer really making adequate plans for your return to work?


Imagine the amount of risk assessments going on across London and the U.K as we speak…Quite a boring vision I know but stick with me on this. 

As the vaccine gets rolled out and with the kids going back to school on Monday, it is finally starting to feel that some kind of normality is on its way back.

I think COVID-19 whilst being an absolute kick in the teeth for all of us has also led to quite a bit of self-inquiry. Who am I? What am I doing here? What’s the new normal and how am I gonna fit in it?

Again, what on Earth has this got to do with risk assessments? Stay with me.

The times we live in and the lives we live are much more fluid than we realise at times. For good or worse, it’s a matter of perception I suppose. But nowhere do we see this fluidity played out more than in the cities we live.

Remember the days where we went to work at a set location? Socialised locally? Ate Locally?  Think of the miners. They are a good example of a solid lifestyle. Examples of this do exist still I know but is it typical? I would argue not, especially in our cities. Life is an ever changing process with endless choices which our cities play host to.

It would be stupid and damn pessimistic to believe that London and the cities of the world will lie dormant for the rest of history. Yes, some businesses may have moved out of their offices. Yes, we may be working from home a little more going forward. Yes, we may actually be shopping and socialising more locally (not out of choice though).  

BUT cities will never die. They offer too many choices for people in an ever changing world. New businesses will fill them empty spaces with new people and those instructed to work from home at the start of the pandemic will find themselves back in the city more than they probably planned for both work and social reasons. 

So with all that in mind and with a belief that we want Covid-19 out of our lives for good. Is your employer thoroughly planning on this too?

We’ve covered how employers could use thermal imaging cameras in an earlier blog, have a look:

This one is a little less technical but arguably much more effective.

Now we know offices are busy places with lots of people. Even with distancing measures in place going forward when we get back to work, it’s the things we communally touch which will spread this virus. Remember the virus can live on surfaces and even clothes for days according to the World Health Organisation.

It doesn’t matter how much you disinfect a surface, it’s impossible to be effective in areas of high people traffic. 

One place this will happen is the ‘push button’ to open or exit system installed in your office. 

By switching from the push button to an infrared no touch button on office doors could dramatically stop the potential spread of the virus.

All that one needs to do is to place their hand close to the infrared sensor, and it automatically opens. No touch.

A Matter Group has been in London this week carrying out surveys on just this type of solution. If you’d like us to help you make your workplace more covid secure contact:

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