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Covid19 – Making your workplace safe to reopen

‘Stay Alert’ is one of the new guidelines for England to follow. As lockdown slowly eases, many businesses including construction and manufacturing are looking to safely reopen again.

A safe working environment

The government has issued guidance booklets providing advice on how all of us should go about our daily working lives since Covid19. All work premises will have slightly different measures put in place, but for most, will follow a very similar procedure with the health and safety of all employees and customers a priority. Hand sanitising, hygiene and a clean working environment can easily be provided at places of work, but some premises may need more than just a hand sanitising station.

Recognition entry systems

Biometric-based systems such as iris readers are available to any business that wishes to limit the need for people to touch keypads to access areas. An alternative to having an iris reader is facial recognition through CCTV, images can then be matched via a database using AI (Artificial Intelligence).

These systems may sound expensive, but you may be surprised to find out how inexpensive they actually are.

Safeguarding staff

In light of recent events, some staff may be required to work alone or maybe working in high risk/high-security locations. CCTV, video safeguarding and remote monitoring services can be an effective way to keep staff safe and protected while they work.

Technical security

Technology can help your business run at a much safer level, allowing the monitoring of staff access points and foot traffic to certain areas of your business. Popular technology such as access control systems, intruder detection and CCTV can assist with tracking employees and visitors at entrances and exits. To help prevent the spread of COVID19, thermal cameras have been installed throughout many schools and businesses, to protect staff, pupils and the general public. Anyone who is seen as having a high temperature through the thermal camera can be refused entry and advised to go home and self-isolate, reducing the spread of the coronavirus.

Access denied

If restrictions are needed at entrance points or certain areas to your business, then an access control system would be recommended. A cloud-based system would be ideal for anyone looking to place restrictions that can be easily lifted or put in place for any one particular person or more.

For a business that needs to record and limit visitors, provide time windows for access and manage areas, then an access control system is also a perfect solution to these problems, allowing the business owner to have total control.

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