Deal or No Deal


Deal or No Deal is a British game show, hosted by Noel Edmonds, which aired from 31 October 2005 to 23 December 2016 on Channel 4. It originated from the Netherlands.

Each episode sees a contestant choosing one of 22 boxes, each containing a cash amount between 1p to £250,000

Nothing is more feared than the chance of winning 1p.  But let’s admit it as viewers did you want to see people win or fail miserably?

Nine contestants have won the £250,000 top prize.  All winners of the top prize were also allowed to keep their box if you didn’t already know.

But what’s my blog have to do with Deal or No Deal?  No its not the fact that my wife thinks I’m greyer than Noel Edmonds or my belly is getting like Mr Blobby’s. (Am I allowed to say that?)

It’s this dilemma as a business owner when you send a quote and the customer says….

“Do us a Deal” or “If I pay cash can you knock the VAT off”

Let’s rewind a few steps….

Let’s imagine that you are a professional in your field.  I’d like to think as a fully accredited company that me and my team provide the highest standards in our industry.

Let’s imagine that your reviews online say that your also arguably one of the best companies in your area (I’m being modest here)

Let’s say that this new customer has been referred to you by an existing customer or even multiple people for that fact?

So your office staff take the call, deal with the enquiry, book in the survey, the surveys carried out and you provide all your knowledge and information on that survey…….. Here’s the part I’m getting to

You send the quote knowing full well that your company are

(1) Not the cheapest – The one man band might be the cheapest (Nothing against one man bands by the way.  We all started somewhere), non accredited, no insurances or the company that hasn’t had their staff criminal record checked to BS5878 for example….. or

(2) We are not the most expensive – Speak to companies like Verisure if you really want your pants pulled down and you want to pay a subscription for…. wait for it (The lifetime that you want the product to work) or they have walked on the driveway spotted the Bentley and added an extra digit on the quote.

So you have provided a full design, information, drawings, images and now it’s DEAL or NO DEAL TIME !!!

What do you do?


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