Do We Need Security Cameras In Schools?


Security cameras in a school may seem like an extreme idea, but more and more schools are installing them. So, for what reason? CCTV is a priceless tool when a crime has been committed. Here, we look at some of the main benefits of doing so:

Safety – Safety of both students and teachers is paramount in any school or educational environment. Installing cameras can be a preventative measure – acts of bullying, vandalism etc. may be deterred just by the presence of CCTV. Any of these incidents that do occur will be recorded, making it that bit easier to deal with these things appropriately. Also, it can protect teachers against fake claims of abuse, negligence or misconduct. As class numbers are expected to rise over the next few years, it is more important than ever to have more “eyes” on what is going on around the school

Security for out of school hours – So even if you could successfully monitor a school using only the staff during school hours, what about when the school is closed? All premises are vulnerable to acts of vandalism, or possible break-ins, without adequate security. Installing security cameras may be enough of a deterrent to prevent these crimes before they even occur

Monitoring who is coming and going – Schools usually have an ‘authorised personnel only’ policy. Even so, it is prudent to observe who is coming and going from the premises, and for what reason. This way any unsavoury behaviour can be picked up on quickly, and anyone who shouldn’t be on the premises can be easily identified, even after the event. Also, in cases of emergency such as an evacuation, it would be easier to identify the location of anyone still inside the school and not accounted for.

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