9 Tips from a master EX-burglar. ONE IN PARTICULAR BLEW MY MIND.


We get a lot of people saying to us that they don’t need security systems as Covid-19 has meant they are home all the time now.

Surely you go shopping? we say. Or take the dog for a walk?.

I suppose it is a MATTER of priorities, excuse the pun.

Anyway, I stumbled on a great interview in Grand Designs magazine where an ex-burglar was interviewed. He provided tips as to how to secure your home to ‘beat the burglar’


I thought I’d share and add some of my ideas to them:

1.Take passports and driving licenses away with you or store them in a safe. Identity fraud is on the rise and it is a convoluted nightmare if it happens to you. It’s always worth having I.D at hand anyway.

2.Have a recording of a dog barking. I loved this one as it is so effective and also a very cheap way to add layers of security to your property.

3.Install a deadlock. Deadlocks are hard to beat and take far too much time for opportunist burglars to get into. Often they won’t attempt entry if they know they are up against a deadlock.

4.Ixnay on the social mediay- THIS ONE SHOCKED ME! We all know social media can lead to burglars knowing you are out of the country  or area making you an easy target. But I didn’t know that  some home insurance policies will pay out less or not at all if you publish that you’re away on social media and then get burgled.

5. Mow that lawn. A freshly mown lawn will make burglars question whether the property is actually vacant or not. Get a neigbour or gardener to do it if you are away.

6. Install a burglar alarm/CCTV. I think I’ve blogged about the benefits of this enough.

7. Hide your keys! Check out yesterday’s blog for a little case study as to why you should!

8. Buy motion activated lights. When I was burgled years ago the police told me  also that burglars hate lights the most.

9. Put lubricant spray on your window cills! Never heard of this one but apparently lubricant spray i.e. WD-40 will make it difficult for burglars to grip and use the window cill to gain leverage into your property.

Keep safe.



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