Consultancy & Design
Our experienced surveyors will spend time assessing your property in terms of fire and fire prevention.

Fire Alarm Systems in Essex

Every home or business in Essex has the potential for a fire to start

If you are a business owner you are required to have a full risk assessment carried out by law. This will highlight potential weak areas or obstacles in case of a fire and will help make the right decisions on what type of fire system to install.

When a fire starts you want a system that detects smoke immediately therefore family members, staff or visitors are alerted so they can exit the building quickly and safely.

Designing the Best System for You

There are many systems available on the market. The most basic being single detectors that will only sound if there is a fire in that room.

The more sophisticated system may have 2, 3 or more detectors linked together. If one detector goes is activated then the others will sound notifying people that there is a fire in the building.

Most sophisticated systems not only have detectors linked together throughout the building but can for example be interfaced to fire doors that close, smoke vents that open and notify the Fire Brigade by calling them for immediate assistance.

A correctly installed system will alert you and any visitors as soon as a fire starts, enabling a speedy and safe evacuation from the building.

Our experienced surveyors will spend time assessing your property in terms of fire and fire prevention.

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Alarms need to be heard through doors and in areas especially where machinery is in use. Areas such as disabled toilets need the correct beacons that will flash in the event of a fire alerting the hard of hearing that they need to exit the building.

Fire systems can be linked seamlessly with other security measures you may already have in place such as access control systems so that staff can exit the building safely without entering codes or swiping cards.

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Fire System Compliance

Every year people die or are seriously injured as a result of fires in non-domestic properties. Being Compliant to the latest Legislation significantly reduces your risk to Life Safety.

A Matter of Security can provide Solutions to achieve Compliance within your Business to the latest Regulations BS5839 parts 1 to 9, BS6266 2011, BS5266, BS5306 & BS7273.


At A Matter of Security we strive to ensure we install the highest quality equipment from the leading brands in security. We are pleased to be able offer the latest technology from the following brands:
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Alarm Maintenance & Takeovers

Intruder Alarm Systems, just like cars, should always be looked after and maintained to ensure they are fully functional throughout the year.

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Smart Home Alarms

Control Your Home Security From Anywhere In The World, you can set and unset your system, get system updates and much more!

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Commercial Intruder Alarms

At A Matter of Security we supply, install and maintain Commercial Intruder Alarms tailored to meet your business needs.