Flats need to be secured too. We should know.


I’ve spent quite alot of time blogging about how best to secure homes and not flats.

So here is a blog about securing flats.

When it comes to securing a house, homeowners go for all or a mixture of the following: Security lights, CCTV, motion detectors, perimeter sensors, and security gates.

All of the mentioned above will secure a house. When it comes to flats it is a little different. There are different challenges in securing a flat.

 A flat could be on the ground floor, it could be on the tenth floor. A flat could be in a block containing 100 flats, it could be in a block containing 4 flats. The block might be home to high net worth individuals, it might be home to people on social housing benefit. Or a mixture.

Most flats will have an intercom style of access control fitted to a communal door which will enable tenants to let in visitors to the building with the push of a button. A tenant can control who they let in, but the other tenants in the block can let in who they like also meaning that hallways, communal areas, gyms, and bike sheds aren’t as secure as you might think.

According to the Met police on twitter:

“Your communal door is only effective if it’s closed and secure, so always remember to check that it locks behind you. If it doesn’t, then report it to your management agent or landlord so it can be repaired quickly. Don’t ever buzz anyone in that you don’t know – even if they say that they’re expected by another resident – or let them follow you in.”

Whilst this is a weakness, flats do offer a degree of anonymity which homeowners are not afforded. It’s hard to know who lives where in a block behind that communal door. It’s much easier to scope out a house.

So, what do I do to secure my flat?

  • Secure the main point of entry- The Front door. Install deadbolts if you want to keep your existing door. If you go for a new door make sure it passes the  PAS23 and PAS24 enhanced security performance tests which will grant it a secure by design certification meaning it is a police preferred spec. This is handy for insurance cover also.
  • Secure your windows- It isn’t only ground floor flats that get broken into through their windows. A thief will use a ladder to get in a third floor flat if he knows you have things he wants.
  • An intruder alarm- I know it’s obvious BUT an alarm works even more effectively in a block of people who live in close proximity. Everyone will hear the bell and be out to investigate and potentially witness a burglary taking place.
  • CCTV- Common communal areas should be covered but why not bolster your own flats security with CCTV?

We are currently working with luxury developers creating a plan to secure their development and their residents.

Get in contact if you would like any assistance.

Have a good weekend.



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