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Advantages of HD CCTV

  • HD CCTV utilises video cameras to monitor and record activity in any area of the business and provides 24/7 security coverage which is unparalleled. The data is sent directly from the video cameras to the recorder without any need for compression or compromise to the quality of images provided, so users receive the highest available image quality.
  • The presence of CCTV cameras on your premises acts as a deterrent to intruders or vandals, as they will be reluctant to have their images caught on camera.
  • If intruders do enter your business premises, the quality of images provided by HD CCTV is of a high enough grade to be classified as evidence by the police and courts of law.
  • HD CCTV can be viewed remotely using a mobile phone or tablet, so it’s possible to maintain a constant watch over your business premises no matter where you happen to be.
  • You’re likely to qualify for insurance discounts after you’ve fitted HD CCTV cameras at your business. It’s well worth calling your insurance provider before fitting any camera surveillance system as available discounts could make a difference to the affordability of your new security system.
  • HD CCTV can be viewed on a monitor or remotely, so it provides critical real-time viewing that’s perfect for a variety of business users and industrial applications.

Benefits of HD-CCTV

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At A Matter of Security we specialise in High Quality HD CCTV Systems transmitted over coaxial cable at high speeds.

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IP Cameras use the same communication medium as most computer networks. This allows for great picture quality and flexibilty!

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SAFER, FASTER, SMARTER - Accurately detect elevated body temperatures, even in crowds, with great accuracy.