Home security in the Movies.


Home security is very important, even in the fictional world of Hollywood films. Here is a look at some of the most notable security from the big screen featuring everything from CCTV to snake pits.

Home Alone

My favourite, and the one film that demonstrates exactly why you need CCTV. In this movie,  armed with a BB gun and a tarantula, later on, Kevin McCallister has to protect himself and his house from burglars, Harry & Marv, with booby traps.  Kevin’s genius and the burglar’s idiocy are a good combo on screen but in real life, this would probably end differently. But if Kevin had CCTV this story would not even happen. It wouldn’t be much of a story, would it? Burglars see the lovely house, approach it, see it has CCTV and walk away.

Panic Room

This is more of a high net worth scenario, but the Panic room is the perfect demonstration as to how home security via CCTV and a panic room can save your home, possessions and even your life. A mother and daughter have to stay safe from three burglars that break into their home.

Raiders of the Lost Ark

A classic.  My favourite opening sequence ever. Raiders of The Lost Ark displays some of the greatest “home” security from the ancient Mayans. Although a little over the top, the ancient Mayans knew how to keep their temple and golden idols secure, well kind of. Trap doors, light sensor activated spikes, flying arrows, snake pits, and giant boulders were their security set up, which would probably have worked against anyone else but Indiana Jones. Maybe the Mayans should have invested in some CCTV and access control?

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