Home Security Technology – Are You Up To Date?


Home security is ever-evolving and has come a long way in the last decade. Towering gates and large locks are no longer required, with advanced technology taking their place.

What’s New With Home Security?

Motion and body heat detectors – A great home security device that detects motion and body heat. This will set off an alarm to alert you of an unauthorised presence. Motion and body heat detectors are great for alerting property owners of intruders and potential break-ins. There are several types of sensors that work this way:

  • PIR – Passive infrared
  • MW – Microwave
  • Dual technology
  • Customised sensors

Wireless alarms – These systems are cheaper to install than other security systems and offer a high level of protection. Wireless systems comprise alarms, sensors, cameras and connectors. These all link to a central control point via radio signals. Wireless systems have several benefits over wired ones. The main one is the lack of wires! They are also easier to install and require less maintenance.

Smart locks – These eradicate the need for physical keys. So you no longer have to worry about losing or forgetting your key or having a spare for a neighbour/friend. Smart locks are linked with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi keypads. You can operate these locks remotely using a smart device. You can also control who has access which is useful for offices and larger buildings.

Facial recognition – This includes doorbells and smart video cameras that are set up for facial recognition. This is an effective way of monitoring potential risks and spotting intruders.


Home automation security

Home automation security systems allow users to control access and security of their entire property, both on-site and remotely. This involves appliances, windows, doors and switches, with many more things having automated access every year.

You can connect all smart devices to smoothly run your security and other smart features the way that best suits your home or business. Many property owners are transitioning to home automation security systems as technology advances.

Contact a security specialist, such as A Matter of Security, to find out how your home can benefit from the wealth of home security technology on offer today.

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