How Can Burglar Alarms Reduce Your Home Insurance?


Did you know that there is one burglary every two minutes in England? The average burglary cost in the region of £3,000. This is why security systems are essential for protecting your property and finances. Investing in good security solutions, such as those offered by A Matter of Security, will help keep the cost of your home insurance down.

How can a Burglar Alarm System reduce your Home Insurance?

Insurance companies want to know that you have done your best to protect your home and deter crimes. Policies will vary, and shopping around is advised. Generally, though, the better your security system, the better deal you can get.

Insurance providers do not want customers leaving their homes vulnerable to crime for obvious reasons. Having a fully working burglar alarm is a fantastic way to assure them you are looking after the security side of things.

You should be transparent about the security solutions you have in place. If you claim to have a burglar alarm when you do not, you could render your policy void and have claims rejected. This also applies if you have a burglar alarm, but it was not set up or working correctly at the time of the crime.

Securing Window and Door Locks

Locking windows and doors is a must to secure a property. Your home insurance may be higher if you have faulty locks or windows without sufficient locking systems. This is because you offer easy access to burglars with doors and windows that they can enter through.

Similarly, leaving windows and doors open is seen as negligent and can render your insurance claim void.


While it is not expected that every homeowner invests in a safe, the addition of one to keep valuables in may earn you a discount on your home insurance. Safes are an excellent deterrent for criminals and can rarely be broken into, so they will keep your expensive items protected. Safes are also a good way of looking after valuables in the event of a flood or fire.

CCTV Systems

The camera never lies! A CCTV system is a powerful crime deterrent. It is thought that up to 70% of burglaries wouldn’t have occurred if sufficient CCTV had been in place. Not only does the presence of CCTV instantly make your home more secure, but it also helps to monitor suspicious behaviour and provide evidence if needed.

Fire Alarms

Although a fire alarm may not bother a burglar, it is another effective way of showing your home insurance provider that you have ultimate protection in place. An alarm is likely to save the day in the unfortunate event of a fire.

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