How much does it cost to install an alarm system in a house in the UK?


The cost of installing an alarm system in a UK house can vary and depends on several factors.  This includes the alarm type, the size of the house and the complexity of the intruder alarm system and the features.

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Many home intruder alarm systems now include smart home functions so customers that want to take advantage of these products will of course pay more than a basic intruder alarm system.

See a below a breakdown of what an intruder alarm system will cost a UK homeowner.

  1. Types of Alarm Systems:
  • Basic Intruder Alarm Systems: £250 – £600
  • Wireless Alarm Systems: £300 – £800
  • Monitored Alarm Systems: £99 – £300 for installation, plus £250 – £600 per annum.
  • Smart Alarm Systems: £400 – £1,500 (includes integration with smart home devices and mobile app control)
  1. Additional Costs:
  • CCTV Cameras: £100 – £300 per camera
  • Motion Detectors: £35 – £100 each
  • Door and Window Sensors: £35 – £50 each
  • Professional Installation: £200 – £600, depending on system complexity and labour rates
  1. Examples of Packages:
  • Basic Package: A basic intruder alarm with 2-3 sensors and a control panel might cost around £300 – £400.
  • Comprehensive Package: A wireless system with multiple sensors, CCTV cameras, and professional monitoring might cost £800 – £1,500 initially, plus monitoring fees
  1. Additional Considerations: 
  • Maintenance Costs: Regular maintenance might cost £120 – £500 per year depending on the system type.
  • Insurance Discounts: Some home insurance providers offer discounts for homes with professionally installed alarm systems, which can help offset the initial costs. 

In summary, a basic alarm system installation can start around £250 – £600, while more advanced systems with additional features and professional monitoring will incur extra annual charges.  With monitoring police response can be added.

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