How to get the most from CCTV surveillance system installations


CCTV Cameras are prevalent now, with most businesses and many homes opting to invest in installing this fantastic security solution. As technology advances, so does security. This means that CCTV is not only convenient and effective; it is also easy to operate remotely and a highly reliable method of protecting a building.

So, let’s look at how you can get the absolute most from your CCTV surveillance system.

Camera location – Cameras should be appropriately placed to ensure all areas you wish to protect are covered. This covers windows, side paths and front doors. Look for blind spots and hidden areas before you install your system, as criminals will spot them.

Cables – Cables should be protected and hidden. If wires and cables are left exposed, it makes it easy for criminals to cut them.

Outdoors – Indoor cameras should never be placed outside as they may suffer moisture damage or insect nests. These things can reduce the camera quality significantly.

Lighting – There will need to be sufficient lighting in the area you wish to protect. If lighting is poor, it will make it difficult for the cameras to pick up clear images. Night vision capable CCTV cameras are available, which could mean the difference between a dark figure showing on footage and facial features.

Video management – CCTV footage management, storage and retrieval are essential parts of security. This data must be sent and stored adequately so it can be called upon when needed. Discuss whether you wish to keep your data on a hard drive or in the cloud with your security specialist before you choose your system.

Only use professionals – For CCTV installation, servicing and maintenance, you should always use a reputable company, such as A Matter Of Patrols. By choosing a professional security specialist for your CCTV surveillance installation, you ensure everything is set up correctly. You can also rely on them when it comes to updates, maintenance and repairs. Your CCTV system will be a wise investment that pays for itself with the correct installation and care. Burglaries can be stopped, and criminals can be caught. Insurance claims are also often reliant on CCTV, so it is a priceless tool that should be installed and looked after correctly.

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