How to Improve Warehouse Security


Security is paramount for any warehouse, which is more important than ever before with the current pandemic. Many businesses and sites have been forced to remain closed for long periods, leading to an increase in crime if sufficient security is not in place.

Here, we look at some ways to ensure you have the absolute best warehouse security.

Communication – Communication is key for many aspects of business, and security is no exception. Safety procedures, regulations, processes, attendance, and incidents are all things that should be communicated consistently. Poor communication could compromise the security of your warehouse as well as reduce business efficiency.

Motion detectors – Motion detectors will detect when someone is inside your warehouse unlawfully. The sensor will alert the system control panel, which in turn notifies a central hub. A security system provider will operate this around the clock.

Scanners and remote technology – Manual entry methods are not as efficient as computers and scanners. Electronic logs are important for ultimate security. Barcode scanners are not only good for keeping logs on entry but also for managing inventory. Data errors are reduced significantly with the use of scanners and readers, as they eliminate the potential for human error.

Emergency response plan – All staff and occupants should be informed of evacuation procedures, emergency exits, headcount procedures and the location of safety equipment. This plan should be frequently reviewed and tested. A sound emergency response plan is key for any business.

CCTV – CCTV cameras are one of the best ways to maximise the security of any premises. They can be tailored to suit your site and manned either on-site or remotely. They are also crucial for evidence if a crime were to take place.

Access control – Electronic access control allows and restricts access to your warehouse. You can integrate this plan into your security system for enhanced warehouse security. Electronic access control is far superior to manual lock and key systems.

Tests – All security systems and procedures should be tested frequently. This will highlight potential flaws in your security. It is recommended that alarm systems are tested weekly.

Security staff – Manual patrols are a great way of protecting a site. Guards are trained to look for signs of suspicious activity and respond accordingly. They are also an excellent visual deterrent for criminals.

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