How To Protect Your Commercial Building When Leaving It Empty


The upheaval that the Covid-19 pandemic has caused to businesses has been undeniably damaging. It has forced many commercial buildings to close, or significantly reduce their work hours. This means that a vast amount of business premises are unattended for more extended periods than usual.

Security Risks And How To Protect Against Them

Buildings that are known to be left empty for periods of time will, unfortunately, be vulnerable to crime. Theft, squatters, and graffiti are all potential worries for these business owners. These things come at a hefty cost which is an added concern when many businesses are already struggling.

Here, we look at the four main security risks and the best ways to protect against them:

Water or fire damage: Floods and fires can cause considerable damage to a building. A burst pipe or a leak may go unnoticed when the building is not in use. The risk of this occurring increases in the colder months. Trespassers, squatters, or arsonists can cause fire damage. To protect against water and fire damage, you could turn off your water supply and drain the water from your heating system. You should also make sure your fire alarm is sound, and your building complies with all fire safety regulations.

Squatter issues: A property that is known to be empty will be at risk of attracting squatters. This can be a lengthy and tricky situation to deal with. Ensuring your building is adequately locked and alarmed is essential. The use of a security guard is hugely beneficial here.

Vandalism and graffiti: From stealing copper piping and electrical wiring, to spraying and tagging your external walls, vandalism and graffiti are a potential issue for any vacant premises. In this situation, security guards, effective locks and CCTV are the best options.

Theft: Break-ins and robberies are more likely if your building is unattended. Removing all valuable equipment is not always an option, particularly for bigger businesses. To protect against theft, ensure your doors and windows are as secure as possible and be sure to set your alarm system.

The best way to protect your building against crime when it is vacant is to invest in security. This could be someone who regularly patrols or installation of a monitored CCTV system. For details on the security services we offer at A Matter Of Security, contact our team on 01708 572248


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