How to Protect Your Pets – The Current Increase in Dog Theft


In the last year or so, dog theft appears to be on the rise. It has been the worst year for dog theft in history. This type of crime is upsetting and stressful for the dog owners and dangerous for the animals involved.

With this in mind, we will look at the best ways to ensure you are not a victim of ‘dognapping’.

Demand for Dogs

Since the start of the pandemic, the demand for dogs has dramatically increased. This could be due to several factors. Our mental health is likely to have been affected by the pandemic, with many people feeling isolated and lonely. A dog is seen as the perfect companion to banish that lonely feeling. Also, people have been going on longer and more frequent walks and having a lot more time at home. This is ideal for dogs who need the company and the exercise.

It is thought that this vast increase in the demand for dogs could be partly responsible for the rise in dog thefts. Many areas of the UK have seen figures of dognapping more than double from the previous year. Suffolk, Northumbria, Humberside, and Devon have been hit the hardest.


It is estimated that a quarter of homes in the UK do not have security. Furthermore, a report suggests that only 53% of people feel safe in their property. Astonishingly, so many homes do not have CCTV, motion sensor lighting, alarms, or even locks.

Here are some prevention tips to help secure your home and pets:

CCTV –A dognapper is less likely to target a property with visible CCTV. If you or your neighbours do happen to become the victim of a crime, your footage can prove invaluable. CCTV is at the top of the list when looking to improve security for your home.

Walls and Fencing – A wall or fencing will protect the outside of your property. They will also make it harder for criminals to get in and out of your garden, especially when carrying a dog!

Locks – Padlocks and digital locks will make it hard for criminals to get into your garden. Be sure to lock them when they are not in use and keep keys and fobs in a safe place.

Lighting – If a criminal is approaching your property and everything lights up, it may be enough to scare them away. Motion detected lighting would not only show criminals in light, but it will also swiftly alert you to their arrival.

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