How To Protect Your Property From Burglary at Christmas


November and December are the months for shopping. Many of us plough through the Christmas list, and our homes become full of gifts and gadgets ready to dish out. Jewellery, electronics, clothes, games and toys are all in demand at this time of year.

Unfortunately, this boosts the appeal of burglary for criminals. Here we look at ways you can protect your property against burglary at this time of year. Make Christmas a time for giving and receiving – not stealing!

Lights, no action

Motion sensor lights for your garden and external Christmas lights are great ways of lighting up the outside of your property. This makes it trickier for thieves to hide in the dark and find a discreet entrance. With that said, be sure not to have festive lights that require leads to run into the home through an open space. This could offer an easy way for criminals to prize a door or window open. Opt for property fitted outdoor electrical supply points, rather than feeding cables through windows.

The complete package

Putting empty console or TV boxes outside your home will advertise your new purchase. Try to fold the packaging down as much as possible to conceal the contents. Do not put the boxes out for collection until the refuse collection is due.

Shred it

Receipts, order details, lists, statements and named documents should be shredded before they are binned. Hang onto guarantees and receipts that you may still need and store them safely.

Lock it up

Be sure to double-check the mechanisms on your doors and windows. Any weak spots must be addressed. If you can find them, so can criminals! Deadbolts and extra hinges are great for increasing the security of your home. The same applies to garages, sheds and garden rooms.


Curtains, blinds and drapes should be closed at night to ensure valuables cannot be seen from outside the property. This applies to when you are asleep and when you are out for the evening.

Going away

If you are going away over the Christmas period, make sure you plan ahead. Cancel regular deliveries and arrange a friend or neighbour to keep an eye on your property. Do not leave keys hidden as criminals will know where to look. Make use of alarm systems, motion detectors and CCTV. Light timers are also a great way of giving the impression you are home.

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