Improving the security of your business


Businesses can be prime targets for all sorts of criminal activity. Criminals may pick certain businesses due to location, the size of the premises, how easy it is to access and what’s for the taking, this can include vehicles, tools, machinery, computers, food, textiles and goods.

A Commercial Victimisation Survey from 2018 shows just how businesses are suffering from crime:

• 2,755 crime incidents per 1,000 premises in the transportation and storage sector

• The agricultural sector experienced huge losses from vandalism, theft and burglary

• With valuable machinery and vehicles on-site, unsurprisingly the construction sector had 910 incidents per 1,000 premises

If there’s one thing we can learn from reports and surveys, it’s the fact that security is vital to anyone wishing to protect their business. So, with this in mind, how does a business ensure certain security measures are put in place?

Appoint someone to manage the security

This may be yourself or another member of staff. They’ll need to be responsible for all security matters, including key holder information, keeping systems updated and point of contact for security teams. A maintenance plan should be put in place also, to avoid false alarms and equipment fails.

Site checks

Regular site checks are recommended due to business premises naturally changing from time to time. Trees and shrubs can obscure areas and even aid in gaining entry to the premises.

Select keyholders

Keyholders will need to be able to respond to an alarm in a certain time frame. They also need to be trustworthy and reliable.

Have deterrents on site

Have CCTV and CCTV signs prominent on-site. This will deter and make criminals think twice.

Providing too much information

Out of office replies, opening hours and social media posts may be feeding information into the wrong hands.

Review captured CCTV

Watching footage can be a great way to see if you’re getting the best from your CCTV. Cameras may need to be adjusted accordingly, objects removed from view or lights put in place for improved visibility.

Read reports

From reading industry reports you may find that your business may attract certain types of crimes than another business. For example, farmers experience more vandalism, but retailers find that shoplifting is one of their biggest problems.

Draw up a security plan

Once you know who’s in charge of the security for the business, a plan needs to be drawn up. Make a list of what needs updating e.g. alarms, doors, windows, CCTV. Think about access points to the premises, who has keys and additional security information and always choose reliable professional security providers.

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