Onwards and Upwards: Ready for the new financial year?


It’s been a tough year for many following the Pandemic.

As we look ahead to new financial year, I am personally reaching out to my friends, colleagues, customers and network for some extra support.

This could also be a year where me and my extended network of friends, customers and colleagues could help you?

Reflecting on the past 12 months it’s been tough for so many people and businesses across the UK.

  • Who would have thought that when the news broke over 12 months ago that we would be in a third national lockdown, schools would still be closed with little or no sure end to this pandemic in site?
  • Who would have thought that many businesses would have had to close their doors for nearly a year?
  • Who would have thought that the GDP would shrink to the worst levels on record?
  • Who would have thought we wouldn’t be able to see some of our loved ones for nearly a year?

It’s truly been an isolating time for us socially and uncertain for us economically.

Some of us have felt this more than others…

For me it was a little different when the first lockdown started.

I am lucky, I have a great family.  My wife is by far the most positive driving force in my life.  A great role model to our daughter and has worked from home since March, home-schooled, run the family home which has allowed me the freedom to continue to grow my businesses.

I am also very lucky to have such a great team of staff around me.  We have all worked together to keep spirits high, keep our customers safe and protect them during the pandemic.  We welcomed three new members of staff including an apprentice which I never thought possible 12 months ago.

Then there are our loyal customers.  Almost all our customers continued contracts for their security services which I am personally grateful for.  This not only helps A Matter Group thrive but has also provided stability beyond mine and my business partners family homes during this difficult time and is a testament to our staff continued customer service and spirit.

Then there’s my business network…

Most of you who know me know I attend a business network meeting once a week.

Before lockdown we met at Ingreboune Links Golf & Country Club at 6:30am every Thursday morning.  To say this was my most positive meeting of the week was an understatement.

Meeting with 40+ local businesses that early in the morning you would think that we were all mad, but being part of a team that on average pass over 200 referrals each month and have passed £1.5 million worth of business in the past 12 months [March 2021] then I think you would agree that it is a no brainer for a small local independent business owner whose intentions are to grow their business and build a network of like-minded people.

Having 40+ sales people working hard to find business for each other every week is a breath of fresh air when there is so much competition out there in the market place.

I have also started a new property development venture with a friend which is also very exciting.

So how have we continued to grow through 2020 come out the other side and look forward to 2021?

Answer: Giving back

So, here’s my announcement…. I am my networking groups president for 2021 and it all begins on 1st April.

I’ll get onto why I am asking for your help in a short while but let’s recap on my networking journey so far.

So, I decided to join the group over two years ago partly to grow my businesses but mainly for my own personal development.  I knew after the first 2-3 meetings that this would be of huge benefit not only to me but my family and staff.

The first time I attended no one told me that I would have to stand up in a room of professionals and business owners and pitch my business to them.

I had never done anything like that before.  I thought I loved talking about myself but reality was that it normally took a few too many drinks on a night out then the confidence would flow.

As I stood up in the room the confident person I thought I was quickly turned into ‘what am I doing here’.  But I was hooked.

The fact that after the formalities of the meeting that other business professionals paid interest in me and my journey so far was refreshing.

Before I knew it, I was meeting fellow members for face to face 121’s, more recently it’s been even easier via video calls.

Members soon become friends and friends who ‘know, like and trust’ you will always pass you the business you’re looking for.

When it was announced that we would enter a national lockdown in March, some held their head in their hands thinking what was the next move and their business was over.

Nowhere is quite like my networking group where I have more experienced people than me to lean on.

Being able to share my thoughts and feelings and plans for how we could adapt to these changing times.

As I look around at my group we have all remained strong, resilient and have helped one another maintain their businesses, some have grown, some have regrouped and made changes, some have learned more about their businesses, some have been able to work on their businesses instead of in it… Some are struggling but are surviving and will come out stronger when all this is over.

But our comradery has remained and we continue to help one another to deal with the problems that are thrown at us on a daily basis.

More than that we have become closer friends, have looked out for each other’s mental health and have been there for one another when it counts.

So, 2 years ago ask me if I joined to become president of my chapter.  Absolutely Not!!

But when asked would I be president in 2021 I didn’t think twice.

Here’s my personal lifetime numbers so far in the past 12 months during the pandemic from my networking group. [MARCH 2021]

One2One’s – 119

Referrals Given – 172

Referrals Received – 132

Actual Business Passed – £177,944.00

Actual Business Received – £161,740.00

Our unbelievable group have passed £1.5 Million of business in the past 12 months.  Even with COVID-19 (That’s amazing)

So, here where I need your help!

What motivates you?

What plans have you got for YOU in 2021?

What plans have you got for your FAMILY in 2021?

What plans have you got for your BUSINESS in 2021?

I would love for you to join me and my network family in 2021.

So, if you are looking for something different, that bit of light at the end of the tunnel, financial freedom, personal development, a shoulder to lean on, grow your personal network or simply to grow just a little bigger and better as a human being there is one thing I can guarantee you……

Put the work in and you WILL be rewarded.

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Jamie Reynolds (Managing Director)

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