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  • Billericay, Essex

Why have a home alarm installed?

  • Insurance Requirement
  • Deter Burglars
  • Peace of Mind

Solutions Installed:

  • Home Intruder Alarm
  • Smartphone APP

Continued Services:

  • 24 Hour Support
  • Annual Alarm Maintenance

Installation Date:

  • May 2024

wireless alarm Billericay

We were recently contacted by a customer in Billercay, Essex following a burglary.

As the customer didn’t have a security system already in place this would normally suggest why they were targeted and a simple intruder alarm system could have prevented this.

Billericay, a town in Essex, England, is known for its picturesque landscapes and historical charm. Like many towns, Billericay experiences its share of crime, though it generally maintains a relatively low crime rate compared to larger urban areas Billericay has seen a surge in Burglaries and vehicle thefts over recent years.

Residential and commercial properties in Billericay occasionally fall victim to burglaries and theft. These crimes often spike during certain times of the year, particularly around holidays when homes are left unoccupied.

Theft of and from vehicles, as well as vandalism of vehicles, are concerns for residents. This type of crime can be mitigated with secure parking solutions and vigilance.

Many home owners and business don’t have security in place and its often the case that customers contact us after a burglary or theft has occurred which is rather annoying seeing that an alarm system could cost under £600 to be installed.

We installed a wireless alarm system kit including a main alarm smart panel so that the customer can now control the alarm system from their smart devices.

The customer also had a small dog and cat and with that in mind we installed pet friendly passive detectors in all rooms.

Alarm monitoring was chosen for added peace of mind and the alarm system is now connected to the local police force who will attend for burglaries and panic alarm activations.

Importance of Intruder Alarms

Given the occurrence of property-related crimes, such as burglary and theft, in Billericay, the installation of intruder alarms has become increasingly significant for both residential and commercial properties. Intruder alarms provide a multitude of benefits:

  1. Deterrence: The presence of an intruder alarm system can deter potential criminals from attempting to break into a property. Visible external sirens and signage always helps deter a burglar.
  2. Immediate Response: Our monitoring centre alerts the police immediately upon detecting a confirmed activation and panic alarm activation. This quick response can prevent theft or minimise damage.
  3. Peace of Mind: For homeowners and business owners, knowing that their property is protected by a reliable alarm system provides significant peace of mind, especially when they are away.
  4. Insurance Benefits: By installing the alarm system the customer was able to benefit from a reduced insurance premium with the alarm system that was installed.
  5. Smart Integration: With the inclusion of our smart cloud services the customer is now able to control the intruder alarm system from anywhere in the world.

While Billericay enjoys a relatively low crime rate, residents and business owners must remain vigilant against property crimes. Installing intruder alarms is a proactive measure that enhances security, provides peace of mind, and can deter criminal activity.

If you are a Billericay resident or live in a nearby area A Matter of Security can help you with all your security needs.

Just contact a member of the team for some advice on what’s best for your home or business.

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