Is CCTV the Answer to Rising Crime Rates?


It’s probably no surprise to any of us to hear of the rising crime rates across Essex. It was reported last year that crime in Essex had risen overall by 17%, with a worrying 35% increase in violent crime. Despite positive statements from police, such as a comparatively low crime rate for Essex compared to the rest of England and Wales and the promise of more police officers, it is understandably a concerning issue for many Essex residents and business owners. So, what is the answer? Here at A Matter of Security, we believe the answer is CCTV.

Some areas of Essex, such as Chelmsford, Basildon and Southend have CCTV systems regularly used by police and funded by their local council. However, some other Essex towns aren’t so lucky. Rayleigh, for example, does not have a single working council-owned CCTV camera. So, what are the benefits of installing a fully working and monitored CCTV system?

CCTV has been proven to lower crime rates in an area, acting as a deterrent to criminals and increasing public safety. It will also improve the rate of solving crimes in the area, with recorded footage often essential evidence to ensure a prosecution. This will not only make the public safer, but it will also make them feel safer, and if people are confident of their safety, they are more likely to visit an area, which can only be good news for business owners big or small.

Even if there is no CCTV system in the local area, installing CCTV outside your property, whether residential or commercial can only help prevent crime from occurring on your doorstep. This is certainly something all of us should be thinking about when the crime rates in our area are rising.

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