Keep Your Business Secure During Lockdown


Reduced or no staff members on the premises can leave your business vulnerable. Taking simple steps to ensure security measures are in place and working correctly is important to any business that may be shut down during the coronavirus outbreak.

CCTV checks

Visibility is key when it comes to CCTV. As the seasons change, so can CCTV visibility change. Nature can affect your CCTV in many ways. Check for overgrown weeds, shrubs and trees that could possibly obscure CCTV camera views of your work premises.

Maintenance checks

Check premises for faulty doors and windows. Ensure locks are working properly, roofing is secure and fences and walls are keeping unwanted visitors out. If any issues need taking care of then allocate some time to get them fixed.

Audio system checks

Warning sounds can be a great deterrent if an intruder does manage to enter the premises. However, it’s only effective if it’s working and working at its optimum noise level. Carry out a test to check that the sound isn’t quiet or muffled.

Details are up to date

Check all your contact details are up to date with your security company. Keyholders and site owners are able to be contacted at all times and make sure details are updated accordingly.

Keep everybody informed

If keyholders or owners aren’t contactable at any point and someone else is taking over certain roles, then keep staff and security companies informed. It’s important that everyone knows who to contact in an emergency or if there’s a problem on the premises.

Temporary keyholder

There may be times when the primary keyholder needs to place the keys with someone else temporarily. Always make sure that the second keyholder is aware that they need to be available should anything arise during this time frame. Ensure your security company are updated too on any secondary keyholders.

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