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A Vehicle is stolen every five minutes in the U.K V.I.A Keyless theft.

I always feel these stats hit home a lot harder when it happens to someone we know, or even ourselves.

Last night, a good friend of mine had his Range Rover Sport stolen off of his own driveway,  becoming part of the statistic I mentioned above.

It was so easily done. All because the keys were left in a fruit bowl near his front door.

Ok, so they hooked them through the letter box?

Nope. Thieves are much savvier these days. They used two transmitters.

Firstly, they used one transmitter to capture the signal via amplification from the car key left in the fruit bowl. This duplicated signal was then sent to another transmitter.

This second transmitter then became an additional key, the car can was then opened, started and driven away all whilst my friend was asleep. 

The tracker in the car was disabled within minutes. The metropolitan police have been informed. My friend isn’t holding his breath.

What can be done?

First things first you need to keep your keys away from your car, preferably upstairs in a Faraday bag (a faraday bag is a bag that will  attempt to block any signal from any transmitter). Problem is, these bags aren’t guaranteed to work. Also, we get in the habit of throwing our car keys anywhere when we get in. I do anyhow. My friend certainly did.

I think the answer lies in securing your perimeter. Gates are good, hydraulic barriers I would argue are even more effective, either of these solutions coupled with exterior motion detectors linked to your intruder system will put off any would be criminal.

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