LitterCams. A Plan To Heal The World VIA CCTV? 


Ah Kent. The Garden Of England. We are often in Kent doing work. It’s got it all; the coast, greenery, a cathedral city, the final resting place of Pocahontas according to local legends … 

It comes as no surprise surprise to us that they are the first county rolling out ‘LitterCams’

Maidstone council are rolling out a scheme using the latest CCTV technology to catch people and fine them up to £120 for throwing litter out of their cars.

The new CCTV technology using artificial intelligence can detect when someone throws a piece of rubbish out of the window. The camera then logs the number plate, passes it on to the council, who then forwards it on to the DVLA with a penalty notice coming through the post soon after.

According to a BBC report, the technology is so good it can even spot a cigarette butt being thrown out of a window.

People are calling it controversial? We don’t think so! No one likes a litterbug. Think of our local environments! Think of our oceans! The litter you throw out of the window can end up literally anywhere.

What would David Attenborough think as you throw that bag of rubbish out of your car window? That plastic bag you throw away could literally end up wrapped around a turtle’s neck in the sea for goodness sake.

We’re not about to start tree-hugging here at A MATTER GROUP, but we appreciate innovation when we see it, especially if it involves how our industry is involved in creating a greener world.

According to a recent study by highways England, roughly 200,000 bags of rubbish are created by people throwing rubbish out of their car windows every year. Few of them have been caught. Until now…Well in Maidstone anyway…But if this scheme is successful it could see Littercams installed across the UK.

Check the video below:

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