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What we offer?

Our Hikvision Live Guard Camera provides you with an all-in-one Security Camera which including an in-built speaker with the option of a voice warning message or siren alert and strobe light which can activate when a person and/or vehicle are detected.  You can also arm or disarm selected cameras or the entire system from the Hikconnect App.


AcuSense Technology

With built-in AcuSense technology, these cameras have the ability to distinguish humans/vehicles from other moving objects in a scene and perform better than a PIR detector on false alarm reduction.

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Four functions within one camera

Conventional security cameras only provide recorded evidence of the crime. However, Hikvision Live Guard Cameras are equipped with a flashing light and pre-recorded audio alert, which can trigger visual and audio alerts to warn the intruders off immediately. At the same time, Hikvision Live Guard Cameras will send real-time alerts and a video of the event to the app for prompt action.

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Unified APP to arm/disarm system

With the Hik-Connect APP, up to 4 alarm areas are supported. Away arm, stay arm and schedule arm modes make the system more flexible to use. Also, the same app supports arming of cameras from our AX hub wireless intruder alarm system providing a total intruder alarm solution for internal and external protection.

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