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A Matter of Security have teamed up with a local Essex Locksmith to ensure that we have our intruder alarm customers completely covered when moving into their new home or simply providing them with extra security and peace of mind.

We are offering new intruder alarm customers the opportunity to have their locks changed for £50.00

So how much do you now about security and how conscious are you that your property is protected when away or at home when sleeping at night?

Here’s 8 Reasons Why to Change Your Door Locks Now !!!

1.You move into a new house

When you buy a new home it makes sense to change the locks. Even if the previous owners seem lovely and are honest as the day is long, you don’t know who else they may have given a copy of a key to in the past.

2.Poor quality lock on an external door 

This is probably one of the most important reasons for changing a lock. Poor quality locks are a risk to your property and make it easy for intruders to gain entry. Locks that meet British Standard BS3621 are a definite must for all final exit doors to your property e.g. front and back doors.  This standard of lock is usually a requirement for your home insurance policy too. To meet this standard a lock has to be able to withstand a drill or bolt attacks for at least 5 minutes and have added protection against lock picking.

3.You have lost your keys

If your house keys go missing and you don’t know if you have misplaced them or if they have been deliberately stolen it is a good idea to get your locks changed. It is a quick job for a good locksmith and doesn’t cost as much as you probably think. It will stop you from worrying about who may have your keys and access to your home.

4.At the end of a tenancy

If you own a rented property it can make good sense to change the locks at the end of a tenancy. This is particularly true if the tenancy didn’t end amicably.  It also allows you to control the number of keys to your property that are in circulation.

5.After building work is completed in your home

Major renovations to your property can involve a lot of tradespeople having access to your home while you are not there. Whilst 99.9% of tradespeople will be completely honest and trustworthy, there is always the risk of a dodgy sub-contractor getting access to your keys and passing them on. For a small additional price, some new locks can give you complete peace of mind.

6. After a break-in or attempted break-in

A break-in can be a very traumatic and expensive experience. Even an attempted break-in can be upsetting. If the intruders have broken into your home by picking a lock it is a clear sign that the locks in your property aren’t up to the job and need replaced. Even if an intruder has entered your property via an open window or door, they may have found a set of house keys whilst they were looking around. This gives them easy access to your home any time they like. It also leaves you without cover from your home insurance policy if they later break into your home using one of your own keys.

7. Following a divorce, separation

Unfortunately, not all divorces and separations are amicable. Emotions can run high and sometimes it is necessary to ensure that access to your property is restricted. However, before going ahead and arranging for a locksmith to change the locks, it is usually best to check with a solicitor that it is within the law for you to do so.

8. Lock is jammed or difficult to lock/unlock

Locks have moving parts and because of this are subject to wear and tear. A lock that is jammed or stiff to lock or unlock is a sign that something is not right with the locking mechanism.

It may be due to a dropped snib, jammed deadlock or problems with the multi-point locking mechanism. Whatever the issue, it is a good idea to get a locksmith to check it out and replace the lock or locking mechanism if necessary. A lock that is not working correctly will not be fully protecting your property.

If you need your locks changed then contact our head office for more information on 01708 572 248 or email

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