Lockdown statistic: Nearly two thirds of burglaries occur when we are in our houses?


Shockingly nearly two-thirds of burglaries are now occurring when people are indoors. Part and parcel of lockdown I suppose.

We often get told that because people are indoors more often they don’t need security. 

Problem is, that won’t deter burglars. And the ones that will break into your house while you’re in there probably are going to be seasoned pros, not chancers.

Do you really want to be in a situation where you could have to come face to face with an intruder in your house? That is a scenario with too many dodgy outcomes.

Here are some tips to help secure your home when you are in:

  1. Lock your doors. Too many people do not engage the locking systems on their doors when they are in. Remember the uPVC door when just closed to can be accessed and opened with a butter knife in seconds.
  2. Keep your windows closed or use the night vents/trickle vents where possible. An open window is just an invitation. 
  3. Keep valuables out of reach and out of sight from a windows opening. Use blinds and curtains where possible to restrict the view of a burglar.
  4. Leave a light on. It’s an old school method but it works. Money invested on a timer switch is money well spent. Smoke and Mirrors is always good to use. Keep them, burglars, guessing who is in and who is awake.
  5. Keep your gadgets out of view. With many of us working from home more now it’s much more common to see our partners or kids laptops/tablets scattered around the house. Keep them out of view
  6. Be wary when answering the door. It’s been known for burglars to force entry and brush past the homeowner. Fit a spyhole or a chain or even a video doorbell.
  7. Be more vigilant. We are getting more food delivered and more parcels arriving daily, more people are coming and going from people’s properties. Keep an eye out for yourself and your neighbours.

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