London’s top 10 most dangerous areas – 2021


2020 Saw a decrease in crime rate across London. This may be mainly down to the pandemic and restrictions that come with it, but it is good to see crime fall. A recent survey shows that more than 60% of Londoners expect crime to increase once restrictions are lifted.
As any city, some parts are inevitably more dangerous than others. Here, we look at the areas of London with the highest crime rate.

Westminster – Westminster covers some of the most visited London attractions. These include Buckingham Palace, St James’s palace, oxford street, regent street, the houses of parliament, and Westminster Abbey. Unfortunately, it is also the borough with the highest crime rate, pickpocketing and theft being the most common.
Lambeth – containing many popular attractions and landmarks, Lambeth is at the centre of London. Many hotels, pubs and clubs line the Southbank for tourists to enjoy. Unfortunately, these busy areas bring high rates of theft and violent crime.
Camden – a huge tourist attraction, famous for markets, fashion, culture, and music venues. It is home to London zoo and the British Museum and has the second-highest crime rate in London, with theft, burglaries and violent crimes top of the list.
Haringey – a north London borough that bridges inner and outer London. Attractions include the home to Tottenham Hotspurs FC, Alexandra Palace, and Finsbury Park. Theft and handling are common crimes in Haringey.
Tower Hamlets – covering areas of east London such as canary wharf, the docklands, and the isle of dogs. This is a densely populated borough that sees high rates of theft and handling.
Hammersmith & Fulham – part west and part south London, hammersmith & fulham is home to three top football clubs. It is a small but densely populated. Violent crimes, theft and burglaries rates are high.
Hackney – part east and part north London, hackney is a popular area with tourist due to its attractions. Unfortunately, Hackney has a relatively high crime rate, with violence being high up the list.
Islington – a small borough that is mainly residential. It boasts two universities and a lot of student accommodation. Theft and handling rates are relatively high here.
Southwark – on the south bank of the Thames, Southwark boasts several bridges connecting to the city. It is home to some of the biggest tourist attractions such as the Tate modern, borough market and Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. Theft, handling, and pickpocketing are common here due to the crowds of tourists.
Kensington & Chelsea – an affluent area, which makes it attractive to potential criminals. It is the smallest London borough but is one of the most populated. The crime rate is high, with over half of the crimes being burglary or theft.

In summary, London is overall a safe city; you just need to be sensible, vigilant, and alert. Contact a Matter of Security to find out more about the security services we offer in London & Essex. 01708 572248

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