Maintaining and Monitoring Your Alarm System in Essex


So, after researching the best alarm system for your business, you have had it successfully installed by an accredited security company – either NSI or SSAIB. But that doesn’t mean you can forget all about it. The safety of your building, belongings and occupants is paramount and a fully working, sufficient alarm system is a must-have. Commercial alarm maintenance, where your alarm equipment is inspected and tested by an engineer, is something you should want to prioritise. Here are just a few reasons why:

Insurance – it may be required for your insurance to have a regularly maintained working intruder alarm system in place. If you were to suffer a break-in and your alarm does not sound due to a fault, you may find yourself in trouble when trying to claim through your insurance.

Avoid hefty repair bills – Of course, there is always that chance that something could go wrong and be expensive to fix. You can reduce the likelihood of this by making sure your system is regularly inspected. This will highlight minor faults that are easy to fix, stopping them from becoming a more significant and costly issue. You could also risk a delay in finding someone to do the repairs if you haven’t regularly been using a maintenance company. You could find yourself at the back of a long queue.

Peace of mind – A regular inspection of your alarm system will reassure you that if the worst were to happen, your system would be up to the task.

How often should I have it tested? – A yearly inspection is recommended for a ‘bells-only” alarm system. However, a monitored alarm system with police response will require a twice-annual service.

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