Manned security. Archaic in the digital-age? or more crucial than ever?



As we get more and more technologically advanced often the old ways we used to do things are deemed less and less important and somewhat quaint.

Remember writing letters?

Fax machines?

Cassette players?

Could security guards be added to this list?

It’s a point of debate in the security industry. With the ever-increasing amount, presence, and reliance on CCTV, motion detectors, intruder alarm systems and access control, the role of manned security is being seen and regarded as much less crucial as it once was by some.

What do I think?

Manned security is as crucial as it has ever been. We still need it. It is a matter of adapting our ways of deploying it alongside technology.

All new security  technologies still require human beings to oversee and also at least be at the other end of a phone or computer if something goes wrong. And when things really go wrong a manned response is likely to be the only way of sorting and securing the problem. We simply can’t just rely on technology. 

The most important thing to realise is that there is still a huge amount of security threats that are best dealt with by humans in the flesh rather than technology.

For example, whilst access control and CCTV would be a much cheaper way of granting people access to and securing a luxury block of flats, as opposed to constant manned security, what happens if someone breaches the access control system and gets access to the post room or the bike shed in the block? CCTV can record images but that isn’t going to stop the theft from occurring in the present moment like manned security would.

 I speak from experience. Currently I guard a luxury block of flats of a night time for A MATTER GROUP. The block of flats security was breached recently and a  valuable bike was stolen. The developers brought us in to provide a manned guard service to secure their premises. I have already stopped one person trying to get access today to the block when he had no reason to be there, it is what inspired this blog.

My presence and affirmative action was a quicker response than any technology could offer.  My bi-hourly patrols around the building was also something that technology could not offer. Immediate physical security.

I’m SIA trained, accredited and experienced. I know what I’m doing. I’ll be here if he comes back. 

If I wasn’t here and he gained access I wouldn’t like to know what might have happened.

But let’s not criticize technology too much today, I’ve got a good image of him from the CCTV system too and the right people now know what he looks like and what he was up to.

I think it’s a matter of synergy ultimately that gives us the greatest levels of security.  Man on the ground working alongside technology proving physical immediate solutions bolstered by technology.

Keep safe.




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