Maybe we won’t be having a beer in the pub as quickly as we thought? 


The UK Door Security Association (UKDSA) have just come out and said that many hospitality venues might not  be able to open as there are not enough door supervisors to supervise them.

Many SIA badge holders have moved into other work, many finding work at Covid test & vaccination centres.

Brexit hasn’t helped either as  many door staff have struggled to obtain work permits. This,  coupled with the impact of the pandemic has seen much of the EU workforce return home.

More than 50% of  door supervisor positions are not filled at  present according to UKSDA.

Maybe that festival we were planning on going won’t happen? Maybe that long awaited night out might be postponed again!

It goes to show how crucial security has become in the times we live. And how the lack of it could derail our way back to some kind of normality.

Everyone is gagging to get out, it’s like a dam getting ready to burst. But if there isn’t the security  staff we won’t be going anywhere.

There needs to be a correct ratio of security staff to customers, that is a given when it comes to licencing requirements.

No security staff. No opening.

A host of new  additional requirements are being rolled out currently when one is applying to be a door supervisor. Many are welcome, like having to be first aid trained before holding a door license, and being able to use a body-worn video recorder. The problem is that these changes coincide at a point where there aren’t enough door supervisors as there is, more barriers isn’t going to help at a time when we need door supervisors most.

The hospitality industry is on its knees at present, surely another delay to opening will decimate what’s left of an industry that felt the brunt of covid more than most.

We simply need more front line security staff more than ever.

Maybe we should delay the additional requirements for now and help get the hospitality industry on its feet again by training more door supervisors?

Surely this demand for door supervisors could provide employment to the many impacted job-wise by covid?

I recently attained my door supervisor license, it was a fun four day course which was very reasonably  priced. It will help you access many job opportunities if you’re up for it. I’ve had two offers in the last two weeks and I also have a second job with A MATTER GROUP as a static guard at a luxury housing estate because I now hold a licence. 

Why should we put more barriers up when we could create more employment and in turn get the hospitality industry thriving again?

I think we all need a night out.


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