Neighborhood watch? Worth it?


More & more neighborhood watch schemes get set up every year.

Neighbourhood Watch is an organisation of members of the community helping the police to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour within a neighborhood.

The scheme began in the UK in 1982. Its purpose is to unite neighbours and the police, helping educate them on aspects of security and thus create  communities where crimes are less likely to happen and where members are encouraged to report crime to police whilst looking out for each other.

There are plenty of stories showing how individual crimes have been foiled in neighbourhood watch areas. BUT there is no clear evidence that crime falls statistically in areas due to the organisation.

It’s a shame to say also that neighbourhood watch areas often form in more affluent areas with lower crime rates than in poorer more crime ridden areas where they are needed more.

So why shall we bother?

Well, it’s not primarily about fighting crime, it’s about building a stronger relationship between communities and the police. It’s about creating a space where people feel safer, it’s about having a consensus with the police and each other when tackling crime.

With police stations closing at an alarming rate and with police funding being slashed left right and centre. Maybe there is a case for neighbourhood watch schemes being even more intrinsic and important to communities now more than ever?

Maybe with less of a police presence, neighbourhood watch schemes can help embolden & empower communities through reestablishing some of the cultural practises we used to practise. Maybe community has got to become more autonomous with regards to tackling crime working alongside the  police as much as they can?

Maybe it’s time to chat to our neighbours again if we don’t already? Maybe it’s time to  look out for them?  Maybe it’s time to reach out? No one wants to be isolated and scared, the last year has only exacerbated this.

Crime will never be fully eradicated, but it can be massively reduced whilst building community at the same time.

Keep safe and contact us if you need any help, we work in and alongside many neighbourhood watch and social projects in our local area. Community is at our core. We offer a 360 degree security service which allows us to provide a bespoke security solution to any community requirement.


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