It has been predicted that police intelligence has been “halved” due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Intelligence crucial to stopping the swaths of violence  that we saw over the past weekend. 

Former Met officers have indicated that these attacks are an example of what is to become more and more commonplace moving forward with a decreased intelligence capacity. 

With youth centres closing across the country, and with youth initiative projects floundering whilst the country is in lockdown, it seems that there is nowhere to go to for most young people.  This coupled with a growing concern about a new generation of young people turning to crime as they have not been educated sufficiently during the lockdown with parents having to choose between working or home-schooling their children. 

It would seem that confidence in the community is at an all time low with many futures looking fragile. 

As a community based security company, we offer a range of services for our community to provide peace of mind in probably the most uncertain time in recent history.

Whether it is installing an intruder alarm or CCTV system on a domestic property, or providing a manned patrol service  to a local business we can offer a bespoke solution for any security requirement. 

It is easy to feel like we are heading into the abyss at the moment. A feeling of insecurity has crept in everywhere in our lives. We at A Matter Group want to help. Please get in contact to discuss any security solution that will help you feel more secure going into the future. 


Are you ready to feel secure?
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