Are people afraid to walk their dogs?


I never thought we’d get to this stage but here we are.

Are these huge rewards being offered by the likes of Lady GAGA for the safe return of their  stolen dogs driving even more dog theft?

We are just hearing more and more of it.  Dogs are getting snatched from owners whilst out on walks.

It’s a worrying development with far reaching consequences. I know a few dog owners myself who walk their dog as a means of maintaining their mental well-being. A way of breaking up the day, a routine, a serotonin booster. To rob someone of that is cruel, even crueler under lockdown when we are all feeling the strain

Even a local MP John Cruddas has launched a survey to understand the scale of the problem:

But there is always hope, and the good part of humanity will always put up a fight through innovation and communication.

People have shared some of their ideas to deter dog-nappers. Many have used  and shared police advice in using twist-locking carabiner clips, which are shackles often used in climbing to make it hard for would be thieves to unclip a dog from a lead and scarper.

I came across Petloc, it is a lead and collar with two combination locks (one on the collar, one on the lead) which is  made out of steel cable. It can’t be cut with a knife or scissors. If you go on the website it is currently out of stock. Seems like people are desperate to protect their dogs. And why wouldn’t they be?

Time will tell on this one.

Please get in contact if you would like any advice in making your home, your pets, and surrounding area safer. We’ve had many inquiries this week for security gates and perimeter security with people looking to secure themselves and their loved ones even more.

Keep safe.

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