Positioning of CCTV cameras is vital to businesses


Preventing vandalism and theft to business premises and property is an essential part of being a business owner. Without CCTV, work premises, storage facilities, warehouse etc are left exposed and open to criminal activities. Providing a business with adequate CCTV is key in the fight against possible crime towards your business.

Before installing CCTV, deliberation and attention must to paid to the location and position of each camera installed. Angles, height and poorly lit areas will all need to be taken into consideration prior to any cameras being fitted. Once the location and positions have been assessed and decided this will instil confidence that the business owner is taking the best steps possible for the protection of the business.

Discourage crime with CCTV

As technology improves on what seems a daily occurrence, so are CCTV systems, allowing sharper images and sound to be monitored and recorded. Being able to view unwanted visitors, observe staff movement, see the entrance and exit traffic either pedestrian or vehicles will be invaluable when it comes to crime prevention for your business. CCTV has proven to be a great deterrent against criminal damage and theft. Visible cameras will make opportunists think twice and can also provide staff with peace of mind that work premises are being monitored at all times for their safety too, as well as the business itself. 

Areas to consider for CCTV instalment

Each business will have its own CCTV instalment plan but some areas of consideration are higher up on the list when it comes to thinking it through. We have listed some very important areas for any business owner to consider and hope you find the information below helpful in the way forward for crime prevention to your business.

Exits and Entrances

Visibility on exits and entrances are key to having good CCTV set up here. Being able to see exactly who is entering and exiting the premises of work is vital. Obvious CCTV placed at entrance/exit points can deter possible criminal damage or theft to business premises and also instils confidence for staff security too. Being able to identify faces at doorways should be one of the most important things in entrance/exit CCTV positioning. Remember to consider lighting and night & daytime visibility. Do not have cameras facing directly into the sun, images will be dark and people/faces may be difficult to make out.


Receptions tend to be the main entrance to any business premises and bring much- pedestrianised traffic through to major parts of the workplace. Having CCTV presence will send a message to anyone considering criminal damage or theft that their actions are being monitored and security for the business is being taken seriously.

Warehouse & Storerooms

These rooms can contain highly essential equipment, documents and goods for the business owner and the prevention of theft/damage are essential to these areas. The restricted movement to these rooms can also be placed on staff so having CCTV will allow businesses to keep a watchful eye on any movement, recognised or unrecognised. Consider good interior lighting for helpful face recognition and ensure exits and entrances to this room are also monitored with well-positioned CCTV.

Key CCTV positioning tips

All business premises will be different but there are a few rules of thumb in terms of height and angle. Remember to angle the camera away from direct sunlight and how visibility might be affected by different hours of the day and any trees, weeds, and shrubs may grow.

The height of your CCTV is also key. Too low can leave it open to being vandalised but too high can result in a pixelated (poor quality) image if you need to zoom in. If you need to set up CCTV at your business premises, then please get in touch. We offer expert help and outstanding services to all our customers.

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